Forensic Consulting Services

We take the ease off your company by providing excellent forensic consulting services or expert opinions on forensic and criminal cases for film, documentaries, podcasts, or even court cases.

DNA Testing

We provide exceptional services in the following areas: infidelity, paternity, foresic DNA, unknown toxin, drugs and alcohol testing.

Accredited Forensic Lab

Due Diligence

We possess the ability to provide very extensive searches of your missing loved ones in order to determine possible locations and sightings.

Skip Tracing Abilities


Looking to locate a birth mother or loved one to reconnect? We help ease this process by doing the research for you.

Wrongful Convictions

We are able to provide thorough investigations regarding wrongful convictions of inmates.

Missing Persons/Cold Cases

We are able to provide thorough investigations regarding missing persons and cold cases to develop potential leads..